Help support Joplin High School’s Girls' Tennis Team

The Joplin Girls Tennis team is grateful for and appreciative of the supportive community of Joplin. A way businesses can support the tennis program is by purchasing Ads to be displayed on the back of team shirts.

Starting this year, individuals and businesses are able to donate electronically. This is an exciting, safe, and efficient method as you can donate with a click of a button. To donate, click the button at the bottom of the page and it'll take you to an external site (Joplin Schools webpage). You will put your name or business name, and in the comments, please specify it's for Girls Tennis. 

General Sponsorships and Donations for Girls Tennis Season

Small Advertisement ($100)

Large Advertisement ($250)

Sponsorships for the Joplin Interstate Championships Tournament: $300

**Advertisements are displayed at Joplin Interstate Championships Tournament, as well as on the back of the tournament shirts that are provided to all 24 teams.

Please provide in the *notes* box your business name and the fact it's for Girls Tennis. 

Then, in order for businesses to advertise their logo, you can email me your logo or what you'd like to be advertised.

Business logos can be emailed to

Funds will be used to assist players in purchasing the necessary sporting equipment such as tennis court shoes, racquets, bags, or any other sporting equipment needed. Funds raised will also give the players the opportunity to attend tennis programs outside of their season to help them gain experience and improve their game year-round. 

Thank you for supporting the Joplin Girls Tennis Team!